J Technologies


J Technologies is a Swiss based technology consultancy that seeks to transform businesses through their entire digitization journey. The company seeks to build disruptive products, and applications for the better of our world. Jaber Technologies is headquartered in Zug, the crypto-valley of Switzerland and world. It was founded in late 2015. J Technologies believes that disruptive innovation is what the future beholds. We are keen to grow our team. We seek long term hires, and can provide a stable job outlay. Fresh Graduates / Experienced Graduates or Internees are welcome to apply. https://forms.gle/b6Qh2aqgKqJbTfNL7

Posisi Pekerjaan

No. Posisi Requirement Batas Tayang
1 IT Project Manager 29/07/2020
2 Devops/QA 29/07/2020
3 Full-Stack Developer 29/07/2020
4 Mobile App Developer 29/07/2020
5 Back-end Developer 29/07/2020
6 UI Designer 29/07/2020


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