PT Autopedia Sukses Lestari Tbk


PT Autopedia Sukses Lestari (the “Company”) is a forum for various business fields related to automotive. Starting from car and motorcycle auctions, online car buying and selling, inspection services, and car and motorcycle price data providers. Currently, the Company is engaged in auction hall through its Subsidiaries. The Company is part of the PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk (“ASSA”) Group.

In mid-2014, the Company established the BidWin car auction located in Tipar Cakung, Jakarta. With the increasingly rapid development in 2019, the Company acquired 51% shares of PT JBA Indonesia (“JBAI”), which is one of the leading automotive auction pioneers in Indonesia which has a parent company Japan Bike Auction in Yokohama, Japan. The acquisition resulted in a leading brand with the name JBA BidWin Auction or better known as “JBA”. Since the acquisition, business activities in the auction service sector have only been carried out through its Subsidiary, namely JBAI ,and at the same time become the number 1 and one of the largest auction businesses in Indonesia with an average number of buyers of 30,000 per year, and gross merchandise value (GMV) reaching more than Rp5 trillion.

In accordance with the Company's vision, which is to become the most trusted omni channel marketplace for automotive, in the future the Company will no longer carry out the same business activities as its Subsidiaries. The company will continue to build an ecosystem for buying and selling used vehicles both online and offline for all consumer segments, whether corporate, small businesses or individuals. Therefore, the Company's business activities will be more focused on the business of buying and selling used four-wheeled vehicles using the trademark "" and developing applications for price engines and listings for buying and selling motor vehicles through the "Cartalog" website. Meanwhile, the automotive auction business unit will continue to be run through its Subsidiary, namely JBA.

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