PT. Kafindo Cita Rasa


PT. Kafindo Cita Rasa are growing company engaged in the distribution of food and beverages imported from various countries including Thailand, Sri Lanka, and others. PT. Kafindo Cita Rasa established since 2001 and until today has extensive marketing reach either market, hotel, restaurant,and café in almost any area of Indonesia. PT. Kafindo Cita Rasa proudly to introduce very famous products from overseas, such as products from Thailand like the Canned Fruit “AROY-D”, Beverage Cans “FOCO,” Spices “PANTAINORASINGH” Vermicelli “Kaf”, Rice Sticks “WAI WAI”, Flour Seasonings “KRUAWANGTHIP” and many other famous brands. Products that have been marketed to 140 products. PT. Kafindo Cita Rasa is also active in participating in activities such as exhibition held annually by the Embassy of Thailand, Promotions and Festivals at various places and received various awards cooperation charter. Our vision is “ To be the food partner of every households in Indonesia” Our mission is “Availability & Visibility” Company Size : 51-200 Employees Work Hours : Monday – Saturday

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